SSH Tunnel Manager

SSH Tunnel Manager is a macOS application to manage your SSH tunnels. If you don't know what that is, quite honestly, maybe you don't need SSH Tunnel Manager, but if you appreciate the power of connecting together two networks using the SSH protocol, then STM is for you.


Quick Access

A single click will open a connection and establish the port redirections you need. You can also put STM in the menu bar and have it out of your way!


Use your public keys for passwordless authentication, or use passwords and store them in macOS Keychain... or not, it is up to you. We take security very seriously and never a password will be stored unless you want it to be.


With all the options available to configure the connections and port redirections, you will never have to remember these esoteric arguments ever, relax now! You can even open a list of web sites automatically when a connection is established.


You can export any connexion and share with your friends. Password information won't be sent out of course, but you save them in the manual configuration of dozens of ports and options!